Differences in residency

Hey! A lot of people been asking questions, such as "can you buy a second hand house with student visa", "can my children enjoy free education under temporary visa?" or "do I entitle for free medical services under permanent visa? In Australia, generally everyone must hold a visa to stay lawfully in the country. A person can hold temporary or permanent visa to stay temporary or permanently in Australia. For those who do not hold a TR or PR, they are considered "non-resident". Attached is the differences in what you can enjoy as "non-resident", "temporary resident", "permanent resident" and "citizen". Due to the changes in Australian migration law, I am strongly encouraging you to explore the

Work with migration agent - required timeframe

Time is limited. Everyone acknowledge this. This principle applies on visa application. With the rapid changes in Australian Immigration Law, get the right document within the tight timeframe is crucial. For two reasons, beating the visa expiry date and beating the time on law changes. Generally, from the initial consultation, migration agent needs at least 3 days to access your criteria, visa to be applied and your visa condition. If you are qualified for the visa and need to gather more documents such as skill assessment, partner visa statement, RCB etc., migration agent will organise a dateline for all documents to be submitted. This process is called "pre-lodgement", and it could take up

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