Facing Delay on Visitor Visa Application?

With the growing number of visitor visa applications, there are delays in approving and assessing the application. Recently there are a number of Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa applications have been refused by the Department, amid fears of visa applicants abusing the visa condition to live in Australia. Some ETA countries are under tight monitoring as the number of Protection Visas applications surge especially for the onshore application. There is also visa scam offshore, offering people to come to Australia through visitor visa and work illegally in Australia. So, if you are facing delays in your visa application, do not panic. The first thing you should do is consult your migrati

Tips on writing a business plan

Do you know that every state or territory requires the applicant to write a business plan for the proposed business in Australia? For all business visa applications, the state or territory requires the applicant to show their proposed business activity to see how their intended business plan fits into the economic activity of the state. A business plan is crucial as it will affect the nomination of the applicant. The business plan must be specific, direct and achievable and most importantly, it will fit into the state nomination guideline. The business plan should have the following: 1. The Business • A full description of the business activity • A full description of the products and servic

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