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Latest changes in occupation list

On 17/01/2018, Department of Home Affairs has announced the changes in the eligible skilled occupation list.

Occupations added to the STSOL:

- Property Manager*

- Psychotherapist

- Real Estate Representative*

*Excludes any of the following positions:

  • that have a nominated base salary of less than AUD$65,000

  • with businesses that have fewer than five employees

  • with businesses that have an annual turnover of less than AUD$1M

  • which are not located in regional Australia

Surprisingly, Building Associate and Hair or Beauty Salon Manager are removed from the list.

There are some new caveats apply for some occupations, refer to

Analysis from Austpro Migration:

More occupations will be charged with caveats in the near future. The movement of occupations between list, addition and removal of occupations will be more frequent, based on the demand of the industry, nation and economy.

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