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Get sponsored? How?

Foreign worker seeking employer sponsorship? International graduates seeking visa sponsorship? Employer nominating foreign employee?

With the new TSS visa regime now in effect, it is tougher for foreign talent to remain in Australia. As an employer, you must conduct Labour Market Testing (LMT) to ensure that the position must be 'offered' to local job market before offering to foreign worker.

As the employee, you must have at least 2 years working experience in the relevant or related position.

So if you are graduating from Australian universities after 3 years of studies, what is your pathway for Australian residency?

1. Obtain Graduate Visa (485). Get a permanent job during this time. Under the current visa regulation, international graduates can obtain up to 4 years in Australia after graduate from higher education.

2. Get employer nomination, regional employer nomination or state sponsorship. Obtain two years TSS visa with option to renew.

3. Obtain direct entry visa option or via state sponsorship.

The total years in Australia before permanent residency can be up to 6 years. Plan early, know your move and keep searching for the best option.

Happy to assist!

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