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Facing Delay on Visitor Visa Application?

With the growing number of visitor visa applications, there are delays in approving and assessing the application. Recently there are a number of Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa applications have been refused by the Department, amid fears of visa applicants abusing the visa condition to live in Australia.

Some ETA countries are under tight monitoring as the number of Protection Visas applications surge especially for the onshore application. There is also visa scam offshore, offering people to come to Australia through visitor visa and work illegally in Australia.

So, if you are facing delays in your visa application, do not panic. The first thing you should do is consult your migration agent to discuss the best pathway to visit Australia. Other things you can do include:

  • Submit a comprehensive submission on your visa application

  • Have a specific purpose on the trip

  • Be specific on dates, the period of stay and funds that you are able to access while you in Australia

  • Purchase a return air ticket to show your intention to stay temporarily in Australia

  • Apply for your visa early to prevent huge delay

Case example:

“Adam is a non-Australian resident and he has visited Australia a few years ago under visitor visa. He is 25 years old and holding an eligible ETA passport. His ETA application is on pending for more than 14 days and requested by the Department to submit more documents for the application. He has submitted most of the required documents listed above and he got his visa to Australia.”

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