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Business migration through property development in WA

Migration to a new country could be a challenge to a lot of people. The challenge is even bigger if the migration plan involves business and opening a new business in a new country.

Looking from the business point of view, property investment is the safest and most stable investment. This is because property owner holds the title and the ownership of the development.

Coming from the background of migration and property, I am glad to introduce the potential to migrate to Western Australia through property development.

Under the current Business Talent 132 visa, WA's Government the business migrant to:

1. Invest in business for property development that will generate a net worth of AUD$1.5 million

2. Hire two full-time workers or generate two full-time job

3. Purchase a residence in WA

Intended business migrant applicant must also present a business plan to the WA SBDC as the nomination requirement.

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