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Evaluation on the TSS Visa

Since the introduction of the new Temporary Skills Shortage Visa - Subclass 482, replacing the 457 visas, we see a lot of changes in visa grant criteria, nomination requirement and the standard business sponsor criteria. Let's evaluate the results of the new change.

1. Improvement in the efficiency. It is noticeable that the visa processing timeframe is quicken and the forms are clearer and more precise when filling in online. The policy is clear and the instruction to the case officer is thorough to approve or refuse the visa.

2. Not every occupation can be nominated. Since the introduction of the MLTSSL and the STSOL list, a lot of occupations are limited on sponsorship and nomination. Not to mention the caveats on occupation, it makes the grant of the visa not as easy as the 457 visas.

3. Skills assessment is at the discretion of the case officer. The policy mentioned that the case officer has the discretionary power to request for skills assessment from the applicant.

4. Higher cost. Both sponsor and the visa applicant must pay a higher fee for the grant of both nomination and the visa application for the visa.

If you are planning to hire a foreign worker and not sure which visa pathway to choose, talk to us today.

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