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Pain & Gain of the new WA List

As discussed, promised and expected, the WA Government has published its WA Occupation List for the State Nomination Visa, both subclass 491 and 190.

As promised, the Government has included Trades Related Occupation and shorten the work experience requirement to 6 months.

However, we noticed that there are some occupations that are removed from the list. Here are the Gain and Pain list:


  • Chef

  • Restaurant Manager

  • Finance Broker

  • Translator


  • Retail Pharmacist

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Advertising Specialist

If your occupation is in the list, congratulations as you will be entitled to either 190 or 491 (State Nominated Stream). But if your occupation is not in the list, you may have to seek further migration pathways such as the Regional Sponsored 494, 482 visa or DAMA. Alternatively, other states or territories are your options.

Should you have any issues to do with your visa application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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