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FAQ - Australian Lockdown

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has announced the total travel ban for Australian to travel overseas and no allowing any non-resident and Australian citizens to travel to Australia. So, what does it mean to all of us? And how we are impacted by this situation?

Today, I am giving you the right answer:

Q: I am holding a temporary visa and I am currently offshore

A: If you’re holding a temporary visa and you’re not in Australia, you are not allowed to enter Australia until further notice due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Q: I am currently overseas and has a Bridging Visa B, I have a un-finalised visa application

A: Due to the broad extension of ‘non-resident’ to all people who are not an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen, even though you have a Bridging Visa B, you are not allowed or permitted to enter Australia to finalise your visa application. You should request for an extension for your undecided application timeframe to be extended.

Q: I have just graduated and would like to apply for subclass 485 Graduate Visa but I am currently overseas

A: As we all know; subclass 485 visa only can be applied onshore. You are not permitted to travel to lodge the visa now. However, regulations do allow you to apply for this visa within 6 months from the expiry of your student visa. You can still enter Australia and apply for this visa at a later date after the ban is lifted. Please note that you must apply a valid visa to enter Australia.

Q: I am currently in Australia and holding a temporary visa

A: You are not affected by the travel ban and if you are travelling overseas, it could be a possibility that you are not permitted to enter Australia.

Q: I am holding a Bridging Visa in Australia

A: You are not affected by the travel ban but overseas travel is not recommended in any circumstances.

Q: I am a spouse/partner, close family member and dependent of an Australian Permanent Resident or citizens, and I am a temporary resident

A: You may be eligible to enter Australia.

Q: I am not able to travel to overseas to finalise my visa application or I am required additional documents from overseas to finalise my visa application

A: Due to the unprecedented situation, you may need to email the case officer to request an extension on the timeframe to provide the necessary documents

Q: I am a temporary visa holder and have a visa expiry date or ‘no further stay’ condition

A: To prevent you from being unlawful in Australia, you should apply for another substantive visa to stay in Australia. If you have a ‘no further stay’ condition, you need to email the Department to waive the condition and to apply for another visa.

Everyone needs a visa to stay in Australia and being unlawful is not the best situation.

As a Migration Agent, I am here to assist you to solve your visa problems and to ensure that you can stay in Australia lawfully. If you are eligible to apply for a Permanent Visa, I would suggest you do it as soon as you can.

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