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Priority Processing Change for Vetassess

Vetassess - Australia largest skills assessing authority has announced the reform for the priority processing for the skills assessment.

From July 31 our Priority Processing service will change so that applicants with evidence of urgent need will receive priority when places are allocated. Urgent reasons to apply for Priority Processing are:

  • You have received an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs or an Australian state or territory government, which has an expiry date

  • Your visa expires within eight weeks and you are unable to obtain another visa

  • You are turning 33, 40 or 45 within eight weeks

  • Your English test result (IELTS or PTE) expires within eight weeks

  • Your Partner Skills Assessment or English test result expires within eight weeks.

If you do not have an urgent reason, you can still apply for Priority Processing. Applicants with evidence of an urgent need will receive the first allocation of places, and any remaining slots will be offered to other applicants in the queue.

Priority processing is available for professional and general occupations, but not for trade occupations.

So, forget about login in at night to fight for the slots for the skills assessment, it will not happen as they will only process the application based on 'urgency'.

Skills assessment now should be lodged 6 months to 1 year before lodging your visa application.

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