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WA State Nomination 2023/2024 - Highlight

Let's look at what is new in the Western Australian State Nomination Migration Program for year 2023/2024, particularly for subclasses 491 and 190 visa.

WA is one of the favourite states for migrants due to the strong economy in resources sectors and the flexibility of the state migration in particular with state nomination and sponsorship.

Some of the highlights include:

1. No application fees.

2. Priority-based invitation according to the industry:

  • Building and construction.

  • Healthcare and social assistance;

  • Hospitality and tourism; and

  • Education and training.

Other occupations may still be invited but priority will be given to the industries above.

3. Applicants will be invited based on the following ranked:

- Applicant in WA

- Applicant located offshore or in other states & territories

- Applicant in the industries in item 2

- All other industries.

These are applicable for both General & Graduate Stream.

The first invitation round will start in August 2023 so I urge all eligible candidates to lodge your EOI as soon as possible.

Ernest Ng (MARN1387964)

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